Room Specs





Subkirke makes use of the South Bend Christian Reformed Church as it's facility. This facility has two performance spaces, one that seats around 100 people, depending on the configuration, and another which seats up to 500.

The larger hall is where all of Subkirke's concerts have been held so far. This is the sanctuary of the church, but it is extremely well suited to concerts. The 30 channel sound system offers up to five independent monitor mixes, and is adapted to the room perfectly. The room itself has an amazing acoustic, every single band that comes through comments on how good everything sounds in the room. Additionally, there is a concert grand Mason and Hamlin piano, and an historic William Johnson and Sons pipe organ (built in 1883) in the room - and the bands have made good use of these instruments (see the pictures section where the bands go back to the organ and the audience sits around them).

The rooms floorplan looks like this: